Air freight

Expertise, Experience, Fast and Smooth connections for your air cargo to any destinations in the world. That is the Arrkay brand of air freighting.

Arrkay offers the following services :

  • Prompt and professional customer service
  • Pick-up and delivery services
  • Packaging, Palletizing and Warehousing
  • Priority Air Freight services
  • Expertise in handling perishable cargo and hazardous materials
  • Door to Door service
  • Assembly and distribution systems
  • Full and partial charters
  • Continuous shipment status updates

Air Freight Operations :

Arrkay, has built and maintained a strong partnership with the world's premier air carriers. Our confirmed space allocations guarantee you flexibility in routing. We offer regularly scheduled consolidation, deferred and expedited services. Our experienced personnel will provide you with accurate detailed documentation from start to finish. As your single carrier, you have one point of contact for all aspects of your shipment and full accountability from us..

Advantages Of Our Air Operations are

  • Confirmed space allocation with the airlines
  • Regularly scheduled consolidations
  • Expedited, next flight out and deferred services
  • Extended operating hours
  • Same day service and weekend operation as required

Unlike the boundaries of the sea by the shorelines, the 'ocean of air' laps at the border of every state, city, town and home throughout the world.