We have warehouse facility with an adequate space for warehousing and distribution. We can handle any cargo with safety and security. We have a network of warehouses which reduces the customers overheads cost and saves their valuable time in cargo management. Our warehouses are located in strategic locations like ports, industrial hub and near state, national highways to ensure smooth transportation of shipments. Our state of the art warehouses provides hi-tech storage, easy locating and retrieval facilities. Our bar-coding system ensures 100 % accurate location of the shipment in the warehouse.

Our state of the art technology warehouses provide safe storage of cargo during transit. Besides, we also undertake distribution services to local depots and sales points from our warehouses. Our warehouses have the capacity to handle a large volume of cargo. Be it heavy machinery, small screws or perishables like fruits and vegetables, we can handle all. We provide local expertise in emerging markets, lower inventory and shipping costs, as well as improved technology and customer service. At XYZ Warehouses we care about the quality of your products, which is why we are ready to serve you the best while you put the most thought into your investments and expanding your business.

Insurance :

Our company offers numerous types of Insurance Cover. At a small additional premium Comprehensive Insurance for your Transit and Storage requirements are readily available. All insurances are underwritten by Lloyds of London thus ensuring international standards.

Our Services included:

  • Order receipt & processing
  • Stocks picking, checking and loading
  • Safe handling of stocks - special care for specific products
  • Invoicing & documentation
  • Random / perpetual / total stocks verification

Unlike the boundaries of the sea by the shorelines, the 'ocean of air' laps at the border of every state, city, town and home throughout the world.