About Company

Arrkay Tranship Forwarders Pvt Ltd, is a decade has developed a wide range of logistics and port services in tune with current market demands. Built with a strong customer focus as its foundation, the company has been garnering intense support from the customers, who till today form the backbone of the company's continual growth. Arrkay is an organization that bench marks itself against and beyond market demand. Through this, Arrkay has been able to achieve 99.9% customer retention over the last decade.

Arrkay is a total logistics & supply chain provider covering all stages of delivery, transportation, warehousing, permit clearance, freight forwarding and picking and packing etc. We have a team of specialized personnel, including Foreign talent to handle quality and value that has contributed to Arrkay success this far.

Our team of committed and quality conscious professionals ensures that our customer's needs are met on time. Our diligent and professional cargo services are market proven for it's efficient service and cost-effective rates. Our company operates on the principles of safety, integrity and reliability.

Quality Policy

It is the policy of Arrkay Tranship Forwarders Pvt Ltd, to distinguish itself as the industry leader by providing superior, cost effective quality delivery services to its customers.
To achieve this we will;

Provide our delivery staff with training, tools, skills and motivation to enhance productivity yielding quality service which meet or exceed our customers' expectations

Empower the work force so that everyone is responsible and accountable for achieving the goal of superior quality services

Lay emphasis on customer service as the financial and productivity aspect of business

Our Mission

To be a high-growth, highly profitable Logistics company of first choice for corporate and clients alike, employing a dedicated team of hardcore professionals working to ensure total customer satisfaction at all times.

However, although we will continue to introduce the latest technology and equipment as the century unfolds, we are very much aware that our customers will continue to judge us solely on how we looked after their last consignment. As a result, everything we do is designed to ensure that Arrkay is chosen for your next shipment.

Our Vision

To become a most trusted and leading Freight Forwarder & Logistic solutions Provider by delivering value add services and guaranteeing 100 % satisfaction of our customers and employees.

Arrkay Tranship Forwarders Pvt Ltd remains dedicated to the ideal of the best possible service for a reasonable price, while staying on the cutting-edge of technology and advancements in the industry. We offer the finest service, equipment, personel and value in the region.

We are committed to be acclaimed as an End-to-End Supply Chain Solutions Provider with emphasis on quality, safety and timely delivery of services.

Our Values

  • Dedication & Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Partnership
  • Positive Attitude
  • Team Work
  • Continually improve Service Quality
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Why choose us

Through It' s total Logistics Solution services, Arrkay Tranship Forwarders is one of the leading one stop logistics companies servicing in India

  • Maintaining service excellence
  • Providing superior transport solutions according to each customer's needs
  • Treating staff and customers with respect and honesty
  • Appointing high quality staff
  • Developing new and innovative ways to safely and cost effectively
  • Offering customers a dedicated, personalized service

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